Participants must have a roadworthy bicycle, and comply with all road rules. For all rides which have the potential to involve

riding after sunset, the following equipment is compulsory

(1) two independant front lights and two independent rear lights must be available for use (i.e attached to the bicycle or carried).

 One of each must be permanently fixed to the bicycle, or to a permanent attachment (eg a rack, but not a rack bag)

(2) At night or at times of low visibility at least one front light (of fixed beam) and one rear light must be illuminated a rear red reflector  must be permanently fixed to the bicycle.

(3) A reflective vest ( or equivalent for a rider of a recumbent) must be carried and must be worn at night or at tiems of

 low visibility.


Brevet cards will not be issued until a lighting inspection has been done at the start of a ride and the result recorded.

If the lighting rules are breached during a ride, the ride organiser must disqualify the rider.

The lighting requirements apply if any part of the maximum permitted time for the ride is at night.

Additional items such as extra lights and reflective anklets are strongly recommended. Mudguards are a good idea particularly

during winter.

Participants provide all their own food, tools and spares on unsupported rides. Limited catering is provided on supported rides -

it is best to check with the ride organiser when you book in. Much better to ask than to be hungry.